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Practice for Psychotherapy and Counselling

- Anna Eiling, Clinical Psychologist and Psychological Psychotherapist 


In my practice I offer professional help in overcoming psychological problems, personal crises and interpersonal conflicts.It is important to me to understand your very individual situation and to find ways with you to feel better again. My practice is a safe space where you and your problems are taken seriously. You yourself determine the content and the course of the counselling or psychotherapy with my support. 

You can contact me if you suffer from depression, anxiety or panic, burnout, compulsions, eating disorders, physical complaints without demonstrable causes or other psychological symptoms. You are also welcome to describe your very individual concerns to me.


Therapy and Counselling Services



Cognitive Behavioral Therapy" (CBT) is a scientifically well-founded method for the treatment of a wide range of mental illnesses. There may be phases in our lives when everyday problems increase and  become overwhelming, increased interpersonal conflicts, stressful changes in mood, thoughts, sleep, eating behavior, use of alcohol or other substances and sexuality become apparent. This may be the case after stressful life events and other personal life events, or are present since childhood or adolescence. In a cognitive behavioral therapy we get to the bottom of such undesired changes and symptoms. You will learn to understand your complaints in a biographical context and how you can can achieve a desired change in behavior in the future.

Interpersonal Psychotherapy" (IPT) is a specific and scientifically based therapy method for patients who suffer from depressive symptoms and who additionally have interpersonal problems such as loneliness, difficulties with a change of roles, ongoing conflicts with fellow human beings or a difficult mourning process. A treatment with IPT comprises approx. 12 - 20 sessions and has a clearly structured procedure. 


Counselling for Individuals and Couples

The fact that you are currently feeling burdened does not necessarily mean that you need psychotherapy. Nevertheless, in the long term it may be helpful for your well-being and mental health to seek professional counselling in order to expand you personal scope of action (again) and draw strenght e.g. in order to make difficult decisions or change stressful life circumstances.

If you are currently in a crisis as a couple, psychological counselling can be helpful support to find out whether and how you can find your way back to each other or how to initiate separation process. 


About me

I am a state licensed psychologist and psychological psychotherapist (CBT). 

My approach: Every person and every suffering deserve appreciative attention. Every therapy process and every relationship between patient and therapist are individual. At the same time, in behavioral therapy we can apply methods that can bring significant relief from symptoms for most patients.

Professional activities after my studies: Psychologist in supervised individual living for people with severe mental illness/ Outpatient psychotherapy at the outpatient clinic of the Psychological University of Berlin/ Research assistant at the Free University of Berlin (Clinical-Psychological Intervention Department)/ Psychotherapy and counselling at Stillpoint Spaces Berlin/ Online counselling at "Quit the Shit", "drugcom" and "Check-dein-Spiel".


Memberships: Psychotherapeutenkammer Berlin,Deutsche Gesellschaft für Interpersonelle Therapie e.V. (DGIPT e.V.), Deutsche Psychotherapeutenvereinigung (dptv) 


Costs for counselling or psychotherapy

Psychotherapeutic sessions are billed at the usual hourly rate of the Gebührenordnung für Ärzte (GOÄ) (€100.55 for a 50-minute session of behavioral therapy. A detailed list can be found here: 

Individual psychological counselling is charged at 100€ (50min) and couple counselling at 120€ (60 min).


Possibilities of reimbursement by health insurances

Statutory health insurance (such as TK, DAK, AOK…): The costs for psychotherapy are covered by the health insurance companies on the basis of the so-called cost reimbursement procedure (§13.3, SGB V), if patients do not get a therapy offer in a contract practice with health insurance approval. You will receive information about the procedure and the estimated waiting time during your first consultation or in advance by e-mail. 

Private health insurance and subsidies: If the treatment is indicated, you are entitled to reimbursement of behavioral therapy by your private health insurance or the state aid. As a rule, reimbursement is possible without any problems. However, please clarify the conditions for reimbursement with your insurance company or the aid office before beginning therapy. 

Psychological individual and couples counselling is not considered medical treatment, therefore the costs are not covered by health insurance. 



Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me via mail for appointment requests or more detailed information! You can also leave me a message on the mailbox, I will get back to you.

Practice for Psychotherapy and Counselling Anna Eiling

Kopfstraße 48, 12053 Berlin

+49 157 5097 4903

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